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Hello! I'm Laurie

First year Information Science PhD Student at the University of Colorado Boulder. I am advised by Alexandra Siegel and Brian Keegan. At CU I am in the COLUMN Lab where we focus on users, media, and networks. I got my undergraduate degree in Computer Science at Washington and Lee University. There, I also specialized in Physics and got a minor in Arabic. In my PhD I plan to use my quantitive background to look at the connection between the Arab world and the US. I am particularly interested in social network analysis, language, narratives, and collective memory. 

Shadow on Concrete Wall

Laurie Jones

PhD Student

Information Sceince

University of Colorado Boudler





PhD in Information Science

University of Colorado Boulder- Boulder, CO.

Advisors: Alexandra Siegel and Brian Keegan

While being a TA for 20 hours a week, I also attend three of my own graduate level classes and self-motivate to conduct my own personal research with the guidance of my advisors.


Computer Science BS

Minor in Arabic

Washington and Lee University- Lexington, VA. 

Quantitative  Coursework: Artificial Intelligence, Parallel Computing, Statistical Physics, Neural Networks, Linear Algebra

Qualitative Coursework: Islam and Human Rights, Third Year Arabic, Hebrew Bible and Old Testament

Summer 2019

FIE/Amideast- Dublin, Ireland; Belfast, Northern Ireland; Amman, Jordan

The Conflict and Struggle for PeaceAnalysis of the Troubles in Northern Ireland and Israeli-PalestinianConflict. Included meeting with Ambassadors. parliamentary leaders, and refugees to discuss history and peace.

Arabic Language Extension: 4 weeks of intensive Arabic Language. 4 hours of Formal Arabicand 1 hour of colloquial Arabic a day, resulting in 25 hours of Arabic instruction a week.


High School Diploma

Blessed Trinity Catholic High School- Roswell, GA.



Python - Advanced

C - Proficient

Mathematical Analysis - Proficient

Arabic Language - Intermediate

Data Analysis - Advanced

LaTeX - Advanced



Interdisciplinary Communication

Because of my diverse interests. I had to work hard to effectively communicate across computational disciplines such as Physics and Computer Science to propose and present research as well as across diverse fields such as Computer Science and Arabic or Computer Science and Biology. Without affective communication/translation it is impossible to do the best work. 

Data Science

Either from individual research or from working in industry, I have worked with data continuously and at every level. I know how to scrape data from its raw form in questionnaires, tables, and data I've made myself. I also know how to run analysis through various mediums. I know how to do basic statistical analysis in R and more advanced analysis in Python. I also know how to work with Gephi to create networks for visualization.

Analytical Writing

Alongside Data Science, I have grown into my expertise of Analytical Writing. Beginning with Physics labs, my skills grew into research proposals and research papers. I excel at concise, detailed analysis of the processes performed and the consequential results. I often struggle to meet word limits and making sure things "flow" but I am rarely asked to elaborate in my writing. 

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